The 21-story building is constructed of steel, concrete, granite, aluminum and glass.  Several improvements have been made over the last several years: building waterproofing, plaza entry granite, exterior building re-cladding, main lobby renovation, and modernizing passenger elevators as well as the shuttle elevator. Interior tenant floors are finished in carpet and/or vinyl flooring with walls finished with vinyl covering or paint. The property offers 311 valet parking spaces, 98 reserved basement parking spaces, and 10 reserved ground floor spaces. The building contains approximately 234,830 square feet of space with floor plates of 12,250 square feet. Suites are available ranging in size from single office executive suites around 300 square feet, to 1,000 square feet offices, to an entire floor. Recent renovations include a $1.5 million renovation to its Capitol Avenue entry and lobby area, a $1 million elevator modernization, and several common area upgrades.


Suite 860

Suite 876

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