Traditional Tree Is a Topper

Traditional Tree Is a Topper The last steel beam for the Union National Bank building was hoisted into place shortly after noon Wednesday, and it was closely followed by the traditional topping tree, shown [...]


The Bank Race

The Bank Race At a glance it appears that the Union National Bank Building (left) is winning the much discussed bank race in downtown Little Rock over the much shorter Worthen Bank building (right). [...]


The Big U Marks the Spot

Helium Balloon and Colorful 'Dirt' Mark Union Bank's Groundbreaking By BILL LEWIS, of the Gazette Staff Union National Bank chose a graphic way to illustrate the magnitude of its $9 million new building for [...]


It’s Not Quite That Tall

It's Not Quite That Tall The guy derrick resting on the seventeenth floor steel framework of the Union National Bank building under construction seems to tower above the Tower Building beyond.  Actually, at 110 [...]

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