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Union Plaza Building

Built in 1969, One Union National Plaza is situated in the center of the financial and legal district of downtown Little Rock, anchored by its plaza distinctly located at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Louisiana Streets.  Its location provides easy access to Little Rock’s three major downtown arteries: Interstates 30, 40 and 630, making it an easy destination for employers and visitors alike.  The property is located six miles from the Little Rock National Airport and only six blocks from the Convention Center, Chamber of Commerce, River Market District, Little Rock Marriott, and Capital Hotel.  The building’s exterior is easily identified in the Little Rock skyline with its expansive granite columns soaring 21 stories to create a unique pin-stripe effect.  The building’s façade is fabricated of steel, concrete, granite, aluminum and glass flanked by granite planters at ground level displaying a colorful array of trees, shrubs and seasonal flowers.

Rentable Square Feet
in Renovations & Upgrades

If someone asked me about renting a space in the Union Plaza Building, I would tell them that if there was space available to take it without hesitation. The management is very accessible and willing to meet with the tenants at any time.
We just recently had a problem with our ice machine which has nothing to do with the maintenance crew but Carl and Ken came up looked at it and worked on it in their spare time over the next few days including hauling it down to their shop to work on it. Once, down in the parking garage, I had a problem with the person in the spot next to mine parking over the yellow line and blocking me in, to the point I had to start backing in and one conversation with the building manager and she found me another space around the corner. Nowhere else will you find this one on one attention from staff. Let me just say again that if there is space available take it while you can.

Greg Segalla

The Union Plaza Building offers several conveniences for our firm; valet parking for our clients, an on-site restaurant for last minute catering needs, and an on-site postal service retail store.
Having this particular on-site management team means having someone reliable to address our needs quickly and competently so we can have peace of mind that our day-to-day business won’t be interrupted.

Michelle Stewart

Working in any high rise building comes with its highs and lows. In our experience of almost 30 years in this building, we find that the building management team and the maintenance team go out of their way to fix any issues (kitchen sink spout came off in an employee’s hand and within 5 minutes we had two maintenance personnel on the scene to fix and repair). I have often had one on one conversations with Jennifer regarding upcoming maintenance issues within the building. They are a very good team, and we are glad to have the opportunity to work with them.

Marie Ray

Where do I begin? I love being in Union Plaza. The building is located in the heart of the Creative and Financial Corridors and across from the LR Tech Park. Walkable to restaurants, hotels, apartments, and the River Market. Perfect.
Great building management and staff. Maintenance personnel, guards, and cleaning crews are all great to work with. The building is well-cared for and it shows.
This building seems to be alive. It seems to be constantly buzzing with traffic.
I love valet parking and the exterior lighting!

Lou McAlister

Anytime I’ve had an issue and had to call the management company or maintenance team, they always send someone right away and resolve the problem.  It doesn’t matter how small or large, they are always ready to help.
After leasing the same space for over 30 years, our office downsized and moved to a different floor.  The management team was very helpful in the design process as well as making sure all our needs would be met in the new space.  The management company makes sure that everything in the building is running smoothly.  They always keep the lobby clean and nice.

Jennifer Reed